Frequently Asked Questions

Version: 1.0 | 2.0(a) | 2.0(b)
(How can I tell what version I have?)

Version 1.0

There are two different types of Version 1. Installation is different depending on which type you have. To determine which type you have, insert the CD into the CD-Rom.
If auto-run is enabled on your computer one of the following will occur:

Type 1 Installation

  1. Follow on-screen instructions to complete installation by clicking "ok" to dialog boxes as they appear.
  2. After CD-Sheet Music installation completes, you will be prompted to install Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. Click "No" to exit installation unless you do not have Reader installed on your computer.
  4. The next time the CD is inserted, the Table of Contents will open automatically.

Note: "installing" CD Sheet Music™ does not copy the music files onto your hard drive. The installation process simply creates a folder with a shortcut on your computer.

Type 2 Installation

This type does not need any installation. You can easily browse the contents of the CD by selecting "open CD Sheet Music™" from the on-screen menu.

If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not previously installed on your computer, select "Install Adobe Acrobat" from the menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

Version 2.0(a)

CD Sheet Music™ no longer distributes or supports eStand™ Reader or files (with the .ESF extension). CD Sheet Music™ files on this disk (.ESG extension) may be accessed without registration.

  1. Check that Acrobat Reader 4 or later is installed on your computer
  2. Insert disk
  3. select "Open Table of Contents"
  4. select a music file
  5. When the registration window opens, enter the serial number on the enclosed card
  6. click "Continue Without Registration."
  7. Do not click "Request your document key...."

For use with Windows 2000, XP or later and all Mac operating systems.

Version 2.0(b)

No installation is necessary. Simply insert the disk into your CD-Rom Drive. Autorun should automatically launch the Table of Contents. If it does not, go to "My Computer", right-click on the CD-Rom drive, select "explore" and then double-click on "TOC.pdf" to open the Table of Contents.

For MAC users: Insert the disk. Double click on the disk icon. Double-click on "Mac Table of Contents."

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